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Select your customizable dandy brush below and start building the perfect brush for your grooming routine. All of our dandy brushes in this section are made with a solid maple wood block and quality bristles. You can choose from natural fiber bristles or synthetic bristles. Each bristle type performs a different function. Read below for information on which brush you require. All of the brushes in this category carry the Royal Warrant, which means they have been supplied to the Queen for her horses.
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This is the ultimate two-in-one grooming solution for everyday brushing after a good curry. Union fiber centre (which has great water resistance and a slight coarseness) brings dirt and dander to the top of your horse’s hair coat and then provides a flicking action with the perimeter Palmyra fiber natural bristles. A must have for every grooming kit. 


Maybe you have a sensitive chestnut mare or even a show horse who struggles with skin issues on the daily. This Tampico fiber dandy brush is a soft natural fiber that still has enough “oomph” to remove dirt from the surface of sensitive skin. This is also an excellent dandy brush for sensitive bony parts on legs.

If you are a stickler about your equestrian branding then you can choose your own bristle color. This is also one of our most popular options for horse show awards and larger barn orders. Medium-soft quality profiled polypropylene bristles mean the bristles on this brush are waterproof and gentle.

Dust is the #1 enemy of a perfectly turned-out horse. Use the Tampico Supaflick or the Black Bristle Supaflick to quickly remove dust from the surface of the hair coat on both the body and the legs. The Black Bristle version of this brush is also ideal for removing dust from rugs, sheets and even your riding coat.

Spring and Fall make for some wicked mud. This brush is specifically made to stand the test of even the most difficult muddy situations. It is what we call the “workhorse” of our brush selection.

The English Fibre Dandy Brush has a stiff bristle that is great for fetlock and hoof care. Use this brush at the top of the hoof at the coronet band and the back of the fetlock to round out your grooming routine. 

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