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Ideal for both face and body polishing right before you enter the ring or at home. Beautifully soft bristles deeply bundled to help achieve a luxuriously shiny polishing result. Also a wonderful option for horses who do not tolerate brushing well. 

This polishing brush has a slightly stiffer bristle than it’s Extra-Soft cousin. Great for legs and rest of body grooming.

Made in England, this body brush fits perfectly in your hand and is long-lasting. Use for face or body. The secret to knowing which brush to use when is remembering that the denser the bristles, the less strokes are required to achieve a good final result. If you take a close look at the bristle density in the photo, you will note that you can’t see the wood block through the bottom. 

Looser bristle bundles make our standard body brush great for a less intense polishing routine. Great to use for distributing products with silicone based grooming products. 

Saucy Piaffe Ivory face brushThis is the brush you need for grooming the delicate areas around your horses muzzle, eyes and ears. Ergonomically shaped to make twisting and turning around small delicate facial features easy. Ideal for a clipped coat.

You need this brush if your horse is not clipped in the winter and has a coarser coat. Still soft, this medium soft face brush offers a stiffer bristle to penetrate through a thicker hair coat on the face. 

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