Full Spectrum™ Dandy Brush

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The Saucy Piaffe Full Spectrum™ Dandy Brush can be customized with your logo and text. This is our number one seller to horse shows and companies for use as promotional tools. Choose your bristle color and your design. Order one or order one-hundred. Email us for quantity pricing: olivia@sprhodes.com

• This is the second brush in your grooming routine after your curry comb
• Profiled synthetic bristles pulls dirt and dander away from the skin
• Stimulates circulation
• Great for ringside and at home – this brush has medium-stiffness bristles. Soft enough for bony areas, while still providing adequate bristle strength for hindquarters and other less delicate areas.

• Use long strokes in the direction of your horse’s hair, ending in a flicking motion

Hold another dandy brush in your opposite hand and after every few brush strokes, brush both dandies together to remove dust and dirt.

This brush can be easily cleaned using dish detergent and water. Bristles are not natural fiber and do not require special care.

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Made in North America, Full Spectrum™ custom colored custom horse brushes are specifically manufactured to be uniquely your own. Request a custom color match or choose from our options. Our brushes are made with profiled bristles, which means they penetrate the coat deeply without causing abrasion to delicate skin. Also hardy enough for horses with thicker coats. 

  • 6.25” x 2.5″ varnished wood back
  • Poly fibers in custom colors
  • Notches on sides for secure handling
  • Price includes engraving

This brush is available to horse shows and stables at special pricing for orders of 25+.

Contact us using the Product Inquiry form to the right of this message for pricing based on your required volume.

Click on the video for a brief tutorial on how to design your own Saucy Piaffe custom horse brush:

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