Medium-Soft Polishing Brush

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The Saucy Piaffe Medium Soft Polishing Brush can be customized with your logo and text. The bristles on this brush are still soft enough to protect delicate skin on sensitive areas but have more grip than our Extra Soft Polishing Brush.

• Distributes oils and removes dirt from entire hair coat. Ideal as a “leg brush” – strong enough to remove dirt and dust without impacting bony areas. Perfect for use as a dandy brush for that chestnut mare with a super-sensitive coat.
• Polishes and distributes oils
• Pulls out dirt from hair roots
• Stimulates circulation and provides relaxation to the horse
• Our #1 Ringside brush. Can do part job Dandy Brush and part job Polishing Brush

• Gently sweep in the direction of the hair coat in long steady strokes

This is an ideal brush to use on bony prominences like fetlocks, knees, pasterns, shoulders and backs post-ride. Any place where you would not use a harsher bristle, this brush is it.

Clean this brush using our effervescent brush cleaner. Soak bristles without submerging wood in a tray for 30 minutes and dry bristles face-down.

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This polishing brush has a slightly stiffer bristle than it’s Extra-Soft cousin.

Great for legs and rest of body grooming. Use this custom medium-soft polishing brush after your dandy brush to distribute oils throughout the coat. 

This brush is available to horse shows and stables at special pricing for orders of 25+.

Contact us using the Product Inquiry form to the right of this message for pricing based on your required volume.

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