SP RHODES WeatherPlex Farm Sign

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Our farm signs and our signature designs are known across North America. We combine high-quality materials with seasoned workmanship. Knowledge of equestrian business is also critical in our ability to match the right farm sign design with the right customer. From large commercial stables to smaller private ones, our team will help you establish what you need.  

Features of our signs:

  • Price includes design time
  • All our signs are made with our signature WeatherPlex material; making them waterproof and extremely durable
  • Full color
  • Will not warp, lose shape
  • Single- or double-sided
  • Superior surface protects expensive digital graphic application
  • Provides excellent durability both outdoor and indoors

SHAPE: Hampton

SHAPE: Lexington

SHAPE: Hampton

SHAPE: Lexington

SHAPE: Scottsdale

SHAPE: Sonoma

SHAPE: Carmel