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SPR Technical Club Bonnet (Air Bonnet)

$69.99 $69.99

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    Since we don't have your logo, you will need to upload it. We will create a stitch file for your bonnet. You can also use this same file for rider clothing (left chest - front of jackets or shirts). You can now consider your logo on file.

    • (max file size 100 MB) 25 $

    Since we have your logo on file, there is no charge to embroider your logo.

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The SPR Club Bonnet is the quintessential fly bonnet featuring light sound buffering and a lightweight contoured design.

Designed with a purpose-built space for a logo, we use a fabric unique to SP RHODES as the underlay for your logo.  This in combination with our SureStitch™ technique allows for direct to bonnet embroidery.

An all-black design means the primary focus will be your equestrian identity.

Special attention has been given to the interior stitching so that seams are soft and contoured for comfort and fit. 

• Light sound muffling
• Lightweight
• Breathable
• Contoured design
• Logo ready
• Fits Horse size to Warmblood
• Quick customization and delivery
• Quantity discounts available (Order 5 or more and get a 10% discount)

Care instructions: 
Hand wash and line dry

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