The Importance of Connection

Elizabeth Rhodes
CEO, SP RHODES Equestrian Identity, Inc.

Life has become increasingly challenging with the new reality of social isolation. The roller coaster of stores opening, closing and increasing frustration amongst the community is real. We all look forward to equestrian events, horse shows and barn time with our riding friends; something that has now become a more guarded decision.

As we approach the end of 2020, we wanted to think about products that focus on the idea of increasing connection. Many of us have managed to increase connection with family members whom we have isolated with. Others have relied on their equine relationships to pull them through the shadows. It is these relationships we are placing a focus on.

It is true that some of our best friends never say a word to us. As horse owners, when we worry about life, we have the privilege of reminding ourselves that our horses are waiting for us at the barn. A warm nose, the sound of horses eating hay; quiet, peaceful moments. Healing moments that perhaps are only accessible in the heart of a horse person. 

This connection is with us everywhere we go; it is deeply embedded in who we are. We are horse people. To a horse person, that means a million things. To a layperson, it only defines a hobby but it is so much more than that.

Our next category of products will have a strong focus on reinforcing the relationship and connection between horse and rider. Connection heart to heart and of course, literal connection.

Closing out 2020 will include a beautiful new product launch with a focus on connection

When we find ourselves momentarily lost in these unprecedented moments, it’s good to have objects around us that remind us that we are not alone; a touch point for staying connected to the equines we love.

The Psychology Behind Connection

With this new product launch, we wanted to put some science behind the idea.

A new study in the journal Psychological Science makes the case for a trick called the “reminders by association” approach, which pairs up objects or images with feelings.

By giving special significance to a certain object, we can bring forward calming emotions and memories that bring comfort in difficult times. In this case, the object is something you can have with you everywhere, equestrian in nature and of course, beautiful.

As we approach our Monday launch, we hope that you can gift this item, enjoy it for yourself and above all, remember those special connections you have with your horses. Those moments may just be the one thing that helps you pull through that long day, that difficult ride or that Friday night when you would usually out and about. 

We invite you to create your own story around the connection between you and your horse. A unique and beautiful reminder that life has many upsides; one of which is the love for the horse.